The play on words of this new title wishes to emphasize that this review will not approach the skin from an apologetic angle precisely, but on the contrary, it is indeed a scientific review which in an attractive form leaving an important place à l’iconographie will offer in-depth articles, double-blind appraised by the scientific committee, after a first review by the editorial committee.

With number 1 2018, the requirements of a scientific journal are in place and operational with the effective work of the committees (editorial and scientific).


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Hair, a distinctive feature between animals and humans? Hair and fur mark both the disturbing similarity between man and animal, as well as the radical difference between them. But what about animal hair? What is a more or less abundant hairiness associated with? Articles on fur and animal hair are welcome in this issue. In men, hairiness and its aesthetic or symbolic treatment indicate the differentiation, more or less marked by the times and societies, between genders, social statuses, political positions and options. Several recent works have highlighted the heuristic value of a study about hairiness (see, among others, Hiltebeitel and Miller, 1998 ; Nadjmabadi, 2005 ; Da Silva, 2009; Bromberger -2010- 2015 ; Auzépy and Cornette, 2011 ; Pouvreau, 2014, etc.). Several recent studies have focused on hair, beard and body hair. However, a few have shown interest toward eyebrows or eyelashes, the latter’s treatment methods varying according to historical periods, cultures, age groups, fashions, personal intentions. We expect contributions on the eyebrows, and more preferably on the eyelashes. Contributions on other themes, involving hairiness, are also the welcome.

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Ocean skins, Seawter skins

The editorial team is proposing an issue on the theme of Ocean skins, Seawter skins

Thematic issue edited by Anne Sophie SAYEUX


Deadline for submitting articles: June 16, 2022
Publication of the issue is scheduled for winter 2022

Surplus through loss

The editorial team is proposing an issue with the theme Surplus through loss

Thematic issue edited by Ghislaine GALLENGA


Deadline for submitting articles: February 4, 2023
Publication of the issue is scheduled for summer 2023

Fate of the skin. Between dryness and decay

The editorial team has an issue with the theme Fate of the skin. Between dryness and decay

Thematic issue edited by Bertrand LANÇON


Deadline for submitting articles: June 16, 2023
Publication of the issue is scheduled for winter 2023

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Apart from these specific themes, any scientific article relating to skin and hair is welcome and will be examined by the journal’s committees.

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