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Advice to authors

How to write and format my article?

We invite authors to follow as much as possible the editorial and typographical advice that we have gathered in the Guide for formatting articles.

Article length

Articles must contain at least 40.000 characters, space, notes and bibliography included (approximately 10 pages).

Using the template

For the formatting of their article, we suggest that authors use as much as possible the stylesheet of the WORD lapeaulogie_style document template, which you can download by clicking on the link below.

You just have to download the document, open it and start using it. If you do not know how to use a Word style sheet, you will find all the information you need in this online guide provided by OpenClassrooms.

Cover page

Articles submitted to La Peaulogie must include, on their first page, the following elements:

If using the lapeaulogie_style.dotx document template, please fill in the corresponding information in the template.

  • title
  • abstract
  • keywords
  • text
  • references

Guide to formatting articles


Upper case letters are accentuated.

À partir de

Acronyms and initials

The acronyms must appear in capitals, without spaces and without abbreviated periods.

The first time they are mentioned, the lesser-known acronyms should be placed in brackets after their wording.

dermatite atopique (DA)


Please do not use indents to start a new paragraph, a line break is sufficient.


Period: no space before, space after.

Semicolon: space after.

Exclamation point: space after.

Question mark: space after.

Colon: space after.

Ellipsis: no space before, space after. The ellipses are never followed by a period.

Quotation marks: “French quotation marks” are used, with non-breaking fine spaces after the opening quotation mark and before the closing quotation mark. For secondary quotes, we use “English quotation marks” without interior spaces.

Parenthesis: no interior space.

Hook: no interior spaces.

Hyphen: no spaces if the hyphen brings together two simple words (Jan-Feb), spaces before and after if it brings together complex elements (Jan 12 – Feb 15).

There should be no dots at the end of the titles.

Non-breaking spaces (CTRL + space) must be placed:

  • before and after em dashes – and en dashes –

Citations / Références

The Intellectual Property Code (article L. 122-5) authorizes the partial reproduction of a work whose copyright is also recognized by the writer, in a work for the purposes of personal research, criticism or report, and only if the sources are mentioned (author, title, publisher, place and date of publication) and the quotation distinguished from the current text, in italics for example.

The reproduction of works which have not fallen into the public domain (of which the author has not died for at least seventy years) must be brief, a few lines or a significant part which must not distort the original thought of its author and only if the sources are mentioned (author, title, publisher, place and date of publication) and the quotation distinguished from the current text, in italics for example otherwise these borrowings are assimilated to plagiarism.

Quote in text

General form

— 1 author: (Alpha, 2017)
— 2 authors: (Alpha and Bravo, 2019)
— 3 authors and more: (Alpha et al., 2018)

Author named in text

A study carried out by Alpha (2017), showed that […]

Year mentioned in the text

In 2008, a study (Alpha and Bravo) showed that […]

Several sources cited simultaneously

(Alpha et Bravo, 2015 ; Charlie, 2014 ; Delta et al., 2018)

Quote with page indication

(Alpha, 2018, 23)


Quick consultation table for all scenarios

Article review procedure

The texts are double-blind, anonymously, peer reviewed. You can refer to the Peer Review Process page, for more information.

No fees

La Peaulogie does not charge authors any fees, neither for the submission, nor for the publication of the article.

Free access

The texts of the journal are subject to the CC BY : Attribution International

You are allowed to:

  • Share – copy, distribute and communicate the material by any means and in any format
  • Adapt – remix, transform and create from the material for any use, including commercial use.

Under the following conditions:

  • Attribution – You must credit the Work, incorporate a link to the license, and indicate whether any modifications have been made to the Work. You must indicate this information by all reasonable means, without suggesting that the Offeror endorses you or the way you have used the Work.

All texts in the Peaulogy magazine are available free of charge in electronic form. Authors and readers are encouraged to distribute the articles.


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