2020 Experts

On behalf of the whole Editorial Board and all Sections Editors of La Peaulogie we sincerely thank all the reviewers who have helped the journal to evaluate papers submitted to us in 2020. The reviewers are listed below.

Bernard Andrieu

Violaine Anger

Edwige Armand

Jeanne Artous

Louise Barrière

Christine Bergé

Gregory Beriet

David Bertrand

Kévin Bideaux

Alice Braun

Stéphanie Cassilde

Philippe Cornet

Simon Daniellou

Jean Charles Da Silva

Alexandre Dubuis

Jacques Fontanille

Sébastien Galliot

Dorothée Guilhem

Yves Hersant

Carole Hoffmann

Andrée Anne Kekeh Dika

Christella Kwizera

Morgan Labar

Claire Lahuerta

Bertrand Lançon

Claire Larsonneur

Philippe Liotard

Fabienne Martin-Juchat

Mélodie Marull

Allisson Matthew David

Claire McKeown

Véronique Mehl

Amandine Mercier

Jean-Charles Meunier

Stéphanie Pahud

Marie-Anne Paveau

Perig Pitrou

Catherine Rioult

Valérie Rolle

Laurence Rosier

Elsa Sacksick

Emmanuel Siety

Juliette Smeralda

Emma Viguier