2018 Experts

On behalf of the whole Editorial Board and all Sections Editors of La Peaulogie we sincerely thank all the reviewers who have helped the journal to evaluate papers submitted to us in 2017-2018. The reviewers are listed below.

Augias Anaïs

Baroin Catherine

Bodiou Lydie

Boetsch Gilles

Bromberger Christian

Callu Marie-France

Cheve Dominique

Dargère Christophe

Degli Marine

Grand-Clément Adeline

Girer Marion

Gravelier Camille

Guigueno Vincent

Guilhem Dorothée

Lahuerta Claire

Le Breton David

Liotard Philippe

Rolle Valérie

Sellami Meryem

Smeralda Juliette